Strangest Sports in the World

Friday, July 19, 20130 comments

1. AirKicking

This human catapult throwing people up to more than 8 feet into the pool or mat bantalan.Cara AirKicks work is encouraging participants in parabolic flight (pre-calculated) using a special combination of air pressure and water spray technology.
Participant sits in a specially constructed seat at the back of the catapult arm and 1,2,3 ... wuuush! Everything has been set with the press of a single button. Approximately 60 liters of water forced through a rocket nozzle under the seat. This pressurized water (8 to 10 bar air pressure) propels the participant 8 meters into the air and then plunged into the pool to cool and refreshing.
2. Throw Tuna
Tunarama Festival is held every year at his Port Lincoln, South Australia. Although the festival has such attractions as a slippery pole competition and camel racing, but the tuna throwing competition is the most interesting.
To win the $ 7,000 grand prize, contestants must launch a full-grown tuna like a hammer throw. And tuna fish used here is a rotten tuna.
3. Throw The Midget
"Sports" is originally from Australia in the 80s. An attraction where the midget who use special clothing will be thrown to the mat where the winner is the one who throws the farthest. This exercise is then considered too offensive and harassing a midget and had been banned. This sport supporters had also protested the ban was due to consider the policy was a barrier to the provision of local midget.
4. Cheese Rolling

This sport is actually simple - roll a wheel of cheese contains toward the foothills and the people trying to grab it. Official event takes place at Cooper's Hill in Gloucestershire, a fairly steep slope.
Not surprisingly most of whom were drunk, which eventually resulted in many injuries due to sliding down the steep foothills. At one-year, two-thirds of the contestants and 1998 injuries, police shut down for safety reasons.
Cheese rolling has a long history, having combated food makes no sense (they fight a little cheese is put into a wooden wheel) and a ban on local governments because of the risk of head injury and a serious leg fracture.
5. Shouldered Wife
As the name suggests, a man must carry his wife through various terrain including mud, water, and other obstacles. Prize for the winner is the wife's weight in beer. The sport originated in Finland, and inspired by the stories of history.
A 19th century legend has it that these people stole wives from neighboring villages. There is also a mention to form a reliable soldier is the first proof memmanggul heavy sacks.
6. Throw Mobile
Phone throwing is an international sport that started in Finland in 2000. Assessment on distance and throw technique.
There are 4 categories in this abeh sport:-Original: throw "over the shoulder" with the furthest as the winner (best of three).-Freestyle: participants earn points for how to throw, aesthetic and creative style.Original-Team: Any team with 3 participants each throw together and combined assessment.-Junior: which is for children up to the age of 12 years.
Used cell phone can vary, what are the origins weighing more than 220 grams. But there is also requiring certain phone models.
7. Buzkashi
Buzkashi is the national sport of Afghanistan, like polo, but played with the carcass of a calf. Calf or goat-if there are no calves, decapitated and placed in a hole in the ground.
The riders will race memeperebutkannya, riding around two sign and return to the "circle of justice". The winner is the one who gets the calf into the circle, although ultimately the horsemen out of the two marks which makes the game as there are no limits to the ends.
This sport is still popular in Afghanistan (Taliban reportedly also hold it, though not often) and say is a reflection of the spirit of the Afghan people as well.


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